Sunday, July 5, 2009

Straits Time: Invest

Bringing attention to Invest from The Sunday Times 5th July.

Haha... it says ' Where to park your hard earned cash'' Known fact that saving it all in bank may not be the best idea, with interest rate close to zilch.

The article suggested a few ways. 1) Saving and fixed deposits 2) Money market fund 3)cooperatives 4) Singapore government securities *SGS 5) structured deposits 6) endownment plans with fixed returns

What I think about the above suggestion is that generally they are rather low risk investment. Due to lehman brother, I think many think twice before investing. However, the inflation rate never change. One will always lose $$ with NOT INVESTING.

The low risk investments are really rather good in the market now.. where everyone is a little fear.. yet want to invest.. these may be the ways one can look out for


Another article that catch my attention is developers rush to catch buying wave.
(talking about the more condo launches are due this month but market watchers say the price recovery will not last)

more details..go read up oh

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