Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Asian investment fair! TAKE NOTE investors!!

Asian Investment fair!
There is like 50 seminars held over 2days!

FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!
Worth to go learn and listen to professionals point of views on investment..
The companies involved are SGX, standard chartered, moneysense, online trading academy, citigroup etc etc etc...
There are some seminars that held at the same time, so must really choose the one you more interested in.
For me, I looking forward to... (for the moment)
Day 1
`1. All you need to know about contra trading. BY DAVID GRANT CEO of city index asia(rmb? the one i posted on earlier...)
2. Investing with unit trusts and ETFs
3. Outlook on Singapore economy by Mr Kit Wei Zheng, Citibank
Day 2
1.financial planning for young families by Moneysense
2.Keeping financial fit...
3. Asset allocation by Mr Roger Tan, VP of SIAS research
etc etc
actually quite a lot of things seem quite vague, dunno what they going to talk about for day 2.. so make me a little curious...
Investors should go I think... no harm learning more..... though I think some will sure sell their products as the seminar goes..
Its first come first serve basis...think will attract quite a no. of ppl

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