Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MY PAPER: The Bonds that Binds

In my paper, 8th July Wed.
Under My Money,
The Bonds that Binds, from Mr Koh. Brought by HSBC insurance.
It encourage people to invest in bonds, a loan statement from a company or government sector.
OF course, it promoting the Asian Bonds.

Reason #1
Greater variety of bonds available. Asian bonds form the 4th largest bond market. (1st is US, then Europe and Japan)

Reason #2
Higher long term growth
Asian economies are expected to have higher long term growth

Reason #3
Higher and steadier returns
Higher yields compared to Singapore dollar based deposits.

Bonds in my opinion dont really gives a high interest or high yield. In Singapore its more of a steady kind of investment. OF course, its higher than the 0.125% bank give which is eaten up by inflation...

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