Friday, June 26, 2009

A sound forex education

Yeo Keong Kee, the author of Secrets of FOREX millionaires....

Learn How You Can Achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM With A Sound Forex Education

VENUEAKLTG Training Center
10 Hoe Chiang Rd #01-05Keppel Towers
(5 mins walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT, Exit A)

DATE: 27th June 2009, Saturday
2.00pm - 5.00pm
(registration starts from 1.30pm onwards)

What is FOREX Trading?

The Foreign Exchange (FOREX) market is one in which a nation's currency is traded for that of another through a floating exchange-rate system. With more than USD 3 trillion being traded daily, it is the largest financial market in the world.

Despite the fact that this market presents enormous opportunities to generate a consistent stream of income, the vast majority of retail investors often dismiss it as being too speculative and risky. Nevertheless, there continues to be many successful traders who distinguish themselves by the consistency of their trading profits, and indeed build their fortunes from trading this market.

Have you been looking for ways to generate wealth and achieve financial freedom? Have you ever wondered how self-made millionaires build their net worth by trading the Forex market? In this empowering training program, you will experience for yourself how you can amass huge wealth by learning how to trade the Forex market in a systematic and consistent way. There are many who have started from scratch and made it. So can you!
Make consistent profits - At least 10% profit (return on risk capital) per winning trade. Exploit different profit opportunities.
Simplicity in trading - It is 100% mechanical strategies, with no subjective interpretation of complex charts and indicators.
Leverage of the market - Diverse selection of execution venues such as internet trading platforms makes it easier for retail traders to trade in the market

Attend Our FREE Introductory Seminar and You will Learn How To...
Learn How to Attack the FOREX market from various angles, exploiting different profit opportunities
Learn how to Identify the Best Trading Signals with high confidence of success (80% winning trades)
Discover how you can trade Without Intensive Monitoring of the Market and still Earn Consistent Profits
Learn how you can Start Trading in 2 Days!
Master the Psychology of Successful Trading

By Yeo Keong Hee...

Who is Yeo Keong Hee?
Yeo Keong Hee, CFA
Keong Hee holds a First Class Honours degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore, where he was among the top 3% of his cohort. Keong Hee is a Certified Professional Trainer (accredited by the International Professional Managers Association, UK), and is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder, accredited by the CFA Institute. He also qualified for membership of MENSA Singapore by achieving an IQ score of 156.
After his corporate career in the investment profession, Keong Hee has embarked on a most rewarding journey of mastering the skill of trading the financial markets. As a self-directed investor, his remarkable trading results have helped him achieve independence from the rat race. By trading the Forex market alone, he now consistently makes profits of USD 15,000 to USD 20,000 on a monthly basis.
One of Keong Hee’s most phenomenal achievements in trading was multiplying a USD 10,000 account into well over USD 300,000 in just one year!

adapted from wealthacedemy website

FREE 3 HOURS SEMINAR.. and.. for what you know, even in investment, there is NO FREE LUNCH in the world.

This should be a preview to one of their course...
In my opinion, if you do not want to fork out money for the course, you can also go listen. I think investment is one thing that the more you hear, the better you can judge for yourself. Of course, if at the end, you wish to join the course then all the best!:)

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